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Selishcheva Olga was born in 1984, Kharkiv, Ukraine. She graduated Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts (KSADA) as a graphic designer (diploma). After taught two years in KSADA. In 2014, she studied at the IKEA BAUHAUS SUMMER SHOOL (diploma), Dessau, Germany. Member of the Association of graphic designers “4th Block”, member of the “Union of Artists of Ukraine”.

Participation in more than 100 exhibitions and festivals in Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Italy, France, Mexico, Poland, Slovenia, Russia and Ukraine. Solo exhibitions Kharkov (2002, 2009, 2014), Berlin (2009), Kiev (2011, 2013, 2015).Participant of Paris Design Week 2019, Venice Biennale 2019. Posters are in the collection of Aarhus, Denmark.

The paintings are in a private collection of Andrey Fedoriv, Kiev, Ukraine, private collection of Mr. Geszewski, Warsaw, Poland.

Participated in the workshops Pavel Makov (Ukraine), Vitaly Kulikov (Ukraine), Phil Risbek (USA), Niklaus Troxler (Switzerland).


2019 — Book with illustretions “Petryk and fountains”, Publishing Osnovy, Best social book of the year, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2016 — Portfolio presentation, Golden medal Behance portfolio review, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2010 — Interactive art project “New Paradise”, collaboration with graphics designer Dirk Dassow (Berlin, Germany),
“International festival Non Stop Media”, diploma, Kharkiv, Ukraine;
2008 — Art book, animations “Beer and Hare”, “International festival Non Stop Media”, 1st prize, Kharkiv, Ukraine;
2006 — Flash animation contest “Demo-90” 1st prize in 3 nominations, Kharkiv, Ukraine;
2006 — Poster “Save seals”,  “International Poster Contest Design Against Furs”, International and European round, 2nd prize, Croatia.
2005 — Poster competition “Anti AIDS” 2nd Prize, Kharkiv, Ukraine.



2019 — "Artists draw A4", gallery "Karas", Kyiv, Ukraine, (catalog);
2019 — Exhibition "Dynasty", "Gallery on Dvoryanskaya" Kharkiv, Ukraine (catalog);
2019 — PARIS DESIGN WEEK, fashion collaboration with Polina Veler,
project "Baroco now", Paris, France, (catalog);
2019 — Venice Biennale, Ukrainian Pavilion, project "Falling Shadow of" Mriya" on the Gardens of Giardini", Venice, Italy, (catalog);
2019 — Design Printemps français en Ukraine, catalog, Kyiv, Ukraine, (catalog);

2019 — The exhibition “Gallery funds. Part 1 "in the Lera Litvinova Gallery", Lera Litvinova Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2019 — Grand opening night. View Gallery on Rybalsky, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2018 — The exhibition “Sonia Delauney je t'aime”, The Embassy of Ukraine in France. Cultural and Information Centre, Paris, France;
2018 — The exhibition “USA — UA identification”, America house, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2017 – "Artists paint A4", Gallery "Karas", catalog, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2017 – The exhibition "Marry me" The Museum of history Kyiv, (catalog);

2017 – The exhibition "Thinking about Tomorrow", The gellery "Akt" Kyiv, Ukraine;
2017 – The exhibition "The effect of chrysalis | L'effet chrysalide", The Embassy of Ukraine in France. Cultural and Information Centre, Paris, France;
2016 – "Artists paint A4", Gallery "Karas", Kyiv, Ukraine, (catalog);
2016 – "Heritage" exhibition, Institute of Contemporary Art, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2016 – Exhibition «The Art of Humanity at The Pratt Institute», «Pratt Institute the Rubelle and Norman Schfler Gallery», New York, USA;

2016 – The exhibition "Women's art project", the branch of the Kyiv National Museum of Russian Art – Museum of sculpture and decorative arts, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2016 – "Short stories. Contemporary Artists from Ukraine", curator Solomіya Savchuk, the project "Imago Mundi",  "Small Gallery Gallery Art Arsenal", Kyiv, Ukraine;

2016 – The exhibition "Photographic unconscious", "Institute for Problems Contemporary Art ", Kyiv, Ukraine;

2015 – Exhibition "Botanica", Gallery "Comein", Kharkiv, Ukraine;
2015 – Exhibition "Toy story", Gallery "Art zbirka", Kyiv, Ukraine;
2015 – Exhibition "Feldman Art Park", Kharkiv, Ukraine;
2015 – X ART Kyiv contemporary, project "Women secret", "Mustezkiy Arsenal", Kiev, Ukraine;
2015 – "Gogol Fest" Exhibition Center, Kiev, Ukraine;
2015 – Exhibition of Art residence Bereg, "Dialogues. Time to hear", the gallery "Lavra", Kyiv, Ukraine; 
2015 – Exhibition "The coefficient of independence", "American house", Kiev, Ukraine;
2015 – exhibition "Practice modifications", "Institute of Contemporary Art", Kiev, Ukraine;
2015 – The exhibition "Kateryna Bilokur", "Art Arsenal", Kyiv, Ukraine;
2015 – Personal exhibition "Paradise. The Transformation", the gallery "Lavra", Kyiv, Ukraine;
2015 – The exhibition "0 without a wand," project "Camouflage", "Ermilov Center", Kharkiv, Ukraine;
2014 – Design of the festival "3 days in the garden", "Botanic Garden", Kyiv, Ukraine;
2014 – Design of the festival "Love is...", "Museum", Kyiv, Ukraine;
2014 – Posters exhibition "Ermilov 120", "Academy", Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine;

2013 – Design of the festival “Colors nigth“, “Spivoche pole“, Kyiv, Ukraine;

2013   Happening “Oops“, an exhibition “Art, Design, Photo“,
“Sherbenko art center“, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2013 – Personal exhibition, of the “Metabolism“ project,
“Gallery on Instytutska“, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2013 – International Festival “Books arsenal“, “Art Arsenal“, Kiev, Ukraine;
2013 – Design of the festival “3 days in the garden“,“Botanic Garden“,
Kiev, Ukraine;
2012 – Design of the festival “Warm Christmas Fair“, “Art Arsenal“, Kiev, Ukraine;
2012 – Exhibition “Artists paint A4“, “Karas“ Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine (catalog);
2012 – Competition for young Ukrainian artists “MUXI“,
“Modern Art Research Institute“, Kiev , Ukraine;
2012 – Moscow International Biennale of Graphic Design “Golden Bee 10“,
“Central house of artists“, Moscow, Russia (catalog);
2012 – International festival “Books arsenal“, “Art Arsenal“, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2012 – “5th International Skizzen Festival“, Stralsund, Germany (catalog);
2012 – Posters was included in the catalog “One by One“, Berlin, Germany;
2012 – Design of the VIII International Triennial of environmental posters
“4th Block“, Kiev, Ukraine (catalog);
2011 – Curators’ school exhibition, “One day” project,
“Modern Art Research Institute“, Kyiv, Ukraine (catalog);
2011  “Street art festival“, Kharkiv, Ukraine (catalog);
2011 – Personal exhibition “Bear&Hare” project, Competition for Young Ukrainian Artists “MUXI“, “Soviart“ Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2011 – “The voices of freedom” poster exhibition, Kyiv, Ukraine (catalog);
2010  “Lady with the dog” project, “Minus4” Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine;
2010   “24th International Biennal of Graphic Design Brno 2010“,
“The Moravian Gallery in Brno“, Czech Republic (catalog);
2010 – “Non Stop Media” International Festival, “Evmilov center” Kharkiv, Ukraine.
A special diploma from Alexander Shaburov;
2010 – “Ukraine is a football” posters competition, “Metalist“ stadium, Kharkiv, Ukraine (diploma);
2009 – Danish Poster Museum exhibition, Aarhus, Denmark (catalog);
2009 – “4th Block” poster exhibition, Vienna, Austria;
2009 – Personal exhibition of the “Mutants city” and “Bear&Hare” projects, »Die Musenstube«, Berlin, Germany;
2009 – “2nd International Skizzen festival”, Stralsund, Germany (catalog);
2009 – “ART PRIORI: MODERN HISTORY”, the EIDOS Arts Development Foundation, video for the “Incompatible compatibility” project, Kharkiv, Ukraine;
2009 – “Poster of the Ljubljana 09 festival”, Ljubljana, Slovenia (catalog);
2009 – VII International Triennial of Ecological Poster the “4th BLOCK”, Kharkiv, Ukraine (catalog);
2009 – Personal exhibition of the “Mutants city” and  “Lady with the dog” projects, “Municipal Gallery“, Kharkiv, Ukraine.
2008 – Moscow International Biennale of Graphic Design «Golden Bee 8», «Central house of artists», Moscow, Russia (catalog);
2008 – “1st International Skizzen festival”, Stralsund, Germany (catalog);
2008 – “International Posters Biennale“, “Wilanów Poster Museum“, Warsaw, Poland (catalog);
2008 – IV International Festival “Non Stop Media“, “Bear&Hare” project, Kharkiv, Ukraine (catalog, 1st prize);
2007  Posters exhibition “Golodomor 1932–1933”, “Academy”Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine;
2007 – International exhibition of posters “Anti-AIDS Ukraine“,
“House of artists“, Kharkiv, Ukraine (catalog);
2006 – Competition of flash animation, “Demo 90“,
“Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts“, Kharkiv, Ukraine
(laureate of 1st prize in three nominations);
2006 – Moscow International Biennale of Graphic Design “Golden Bee 7“, “Central house of artists“, Moscow, Russia (catalog);
2006 – VI International Triennial of Ecological Poster the “4th BLOCK”,
Kharkiv, Ukraine (catalog);
2006 – Exhibition “Visual energy“ IM Kunsthaus Tacheles,
Berlin, Germany (catalog);
2006 – Posters compatition “Designers Against Fur 2006“,
European and International round, a laureate of a 2nd prize;
2006 – Posters compatition “Designers Against Fur 2006“,
“Academy”Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine (diploma);
2005 – Posters compatition “Anti-AIDS Ukraine“, Kharkiv, Ukraine
(catalog, laureate of a 2nd prize);
2003  International Festival “Non Stop Media“, Kharkiv, Ukraine (catalog);
2002 – Personal exhibition, Nuremberg House, Kharkiv, Ukraine (catalog).